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March 05-06 - Pasadena, Santa Monica & Venice Beach
Being jetlagged and all, we went with x and Adri for a first relaxing day at Santa Monica/Venice Beach before driving down to PB and Ninon's place in Costa Mesa for the overnight stay.

 View from Jonas' balcony to the street in Pasadena  From Jonas' balcony in Pasadena  Adri, Jonas and Raz Santa Monica beach  Raz, Jonas and Adri doing  Heading south from Santa Monica to Venice along the beach.  March is still considered winter and the beaches are deserted  Walking by Venice Beach is popular.  Venice is the arena for all sorts of people...  Lunch left overs at Mao's Kitchen!  It's 5 o'clock - sun is beginning to set.  Back street in Venice Beach.  Fantastic light the last hour before dusk.  Beach police station.  Beautiful March day.  Raz and more palm trees.  The end of the day  Beach view, looking north towards Santa Monica city and Santa Monica Mountains  Sun set over the Pacific Ocean.  How about a disco on roller skates?  Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, at dusk.