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March 07 - Sea World
Ninon joined us for the Sunday trip to Sea World in San Diego. Shamu!

 PB and Ninon's nice living room  Ninon, Oxgaard, Raz and Adri outside PB and Ninon's apartment - everyone ready for San Diego and Sea World!  Shamu - the killer whale mascot of Sea World  More killer whales...  He weighs 3 tons, but are still doing back flips!  Yet another Shamu show pic  Now you see why the front rows are called  More orcas / killer whales  Burger lunch time! x seems surprised, Raz picks his teeth, Ninon is still eating and Adri is very concentrated trying not to spill any of his ice tea....  Birds.  More birds (or flamingos actually).  Ninon borrowed my pencam to get a snap shot of me as well :-)  Ninon taking photo of Jonas and Adri. (And Raz is actually taking a shot of me at the same time!)  Yepp, another Shamu show pic!  The dolphins' show.  My slow pencam didn't quite get the jump perfectly....  The gang  Sea lions are always fun!