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March 09 - Universal Studios
The Universal Studios Theme Park in Hollywood needs no further description.

 Lake Avenue in Pasadena, heading north, with San Gabriel Mountains in the back  On the freeway towards Hollywood  Four lanes + car pool lane  Universal City walk - Hardrock Café  Universal City walk  The cinema at Universal City  Raz trying to look like Jake or Elwood!  English street used for some movie sets  Car from Fast and The Furious movies  Car from Fast and The Furious movies  Marvel stars  The  The  Universal City by night  Yet another lunch burger!  Jurassic Park area with  Jurassic Park square  We didn't dare to join the kids in the Nickelodeon  Actor caravans down by the studios   Spartacus / Scorpion King square  Bates' Motel  Shrek Castle