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March 12-14 - Las Vegas & Hoover Dam
PB, Adri, x, Raz and I went for a weekend in Las Vegas. This place turned out to be just as weird as expected... I spent $1.25 on gambling, lots more on drinks ;-)

 Adri with friend John, and PB at our breakfast stop  PB just awake, relaxing on bed....  Jacuzzi as well!  Northern part of The Strip  Stratosphere entrace  The Strip - Hilton  Raz by our pool at the Key Largo Hotel  Enjoying our 75 cents Tom Collins by the pool. Life's a bitch ;-)  All American pancake breakfast at Blueberry Hill Restaurant  Green water  On the 515, heading for Boulder City  HWY 95 in the desert south of Boulder City  Lake Mead viewpoint in Boulder City  PB in Boulder City  Lake Mead and I  PB, Adri, Raz and x  Hoover Dam from the east/Arizona side  The overflooding bypass. Just a little bigger than the one in your sink, right?  Low water level in the dam / Lake Mead  It's 230 meters high!  From one side of the wall to the other  Raz and PB examining the steep wall  The cars look kind'a ridiculous in comparison  Joshuas along the road  Overlooking Lake Mead  Closing in on Vegas  Heading back  Cars coming slowly down to the dam on the Arizona side  Lots of power equipment. The generators can give 1400 MW, which equals about 1,5-2 standard Swedish nuclear power reactors  Nice view down the stream  Road construction in the desert  The Vegas / McCarran airport is in the  On the road to L.A. again