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Oukaimeden and Ourika Valley
A daytrip up in the Atlas mountains, showing beautiful scenery, an odd skiing resort and a great lunch

 Road in to the Ourika Valley  Linda posing  HIllside village on the road up to Oukaimeden  Almond trees, cactus and villages on the road to Oukaimeden  Road to Oukaimeden - plantations  Oukaimeden ski rental! (no kidding)  A modern lift, good altitude, but a bit lack of snow  Linda by the slope. Note the hypermodern sledges available for rental!  Ski lift service house. Note the ancient Renault to the right...  Sledge from the 60's  Oukaimeden ski resort!  The old lift, with the diesel engine in front.  Great day in the mountains!  Oukaimeden plateau  Oukaimeden ski rental and walnut salesman  Oukaimeden ski cafe...  The animals can obviously not read. Or maybe they can ski?  A refreshing drink in Oukaimeden village - Chez Juju's  Football match, Oukaimeden versus...?  Oukaimeden dam  Road down from Oukaimeden  Road down from Oukaimeden  On the way down from Oukaimeden  Oukaimeden road  Minaret in village by Oukaimeden road  Hillside village  Almond trees  Kids asking for candy  Village with almond around  Lunch time  The Ourika river, or creek rather  Linda enjoying the Chicken tagine  Posing by the Ourika river  Setti-Fatma village, starting point for mountain hiking  Ourika river  Linda on the canopy walk bridge  Ourika valley - gorgeous!