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Off-road in Hatta, and a little Dubai
Some colleagues and me took our cars offroad up in the Hatta mountains. I also had time to get a first taste of Dubai.

 Abu Dhabi by night  Hamdan street and Umm al Nasr street  On the road from Jebel Ali to the Hatta mountains  Danny and wife  Stefan, André and Antonio with wife  Hatta Fort hotel is a nice place to be  Marc in front of the main building of Hatta Fort Hotel  Nice green irrigated surroundings...  The hotel rooms with the mountains behind  Time for off-road tour with our Prados!  This is the bottom of a dam. Not much water....  Enjoying the scenery  Some houses here and there  This guy has seen lots of tourists. Please notice the air conditioning on the wall!  Rough gravel driving  Sometimes a bit bumpy...  Dried out river bed  Going down to the wadi  Bernard and everyone else digging in to the lunch  The Prado army down in the wadi (dried out river bed)  Better keep the distance...  Some spectacular views while driving  And some challenging slopes  Up and down we go...  Heading back to Hatta village  GOing back to Abu Dhabi through the desert  Plenty of sand, and some nice dunes  On Jumeira Beach by Dubai, with the Burj al Arab hotel  Nice beach, plenty of people  You gotta love some parts of this country...  Dubai, Sheik Zayed road  Construction ongoing everywhere  Me and the famous landmark :-)