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2011 Summer - Vacation
Three July weeks in Göteborg, Hjo, Stockholm and Sälen

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 Swedish summer meadow in Kullavik  Kullavik  Home of Lisa, TP, Lina & Tess  Linda and Tess  Tess 1 year birthday, with her new toy  Emma and me  Janne keeps the kids happy!  Lina in her new dress  The pool is very popular  Dressed up for Liz and Henrik's wedding  Gunnebo castle - wedding venue for Liz and Henrik  Gardens at Gunnebo  Me, dad, Gunilla  Tess is supercute  Waffles with kaviar and sourcream! Linda, TP and Lisa enjoying  Jason and Linda blond  At Henrik and Ewa's  Ludvig wants to jump  Ramhultasjön lake  Ludvig is cold  Ramhultasjön  Helen, Jonas and me in Trädgårdsföreningen  Trädgårdsföreningen  Trädgårdsföreningen  Linda at Trädgårdsföreningen  Trädgårdsföreningen  Helen and Jonas at Palace  Wine lunch at Palace with Olga, Eva, Jonas and Helen  At Palace  Lilla Bommen  The Lindas. Blondie and Brownie :-)  Linda dressed up for dinner  Enjoying Sjömagasinet  Enjoying Sjömagasinet  Dessert at Sjömagasinet  Sjömagasinet  Popeye Oxgaard  Brainstorm at Thomas and Natalie's. Wilma helps out.  Natalie looking funky with Sofia in the back  View from Guldhedstornet
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