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Beijing 2010
Combined a business trip to Tianjin with some tourism in Beijing. The Great Wall of course!

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 Starting the journey with Airbus 380!  Fat plane!  My seat in Business Class  Huge screen!  A380 Business class  Private minibar and remote control  The bar in Business Class. Awesome!  Lunch appetizer.  Lunch main course  Beijing Airport T3  In the taxi. VW Jetta!  Funky room at The Emperor Hotel  Boutique hotel  Hey there!  A bit different minibar  Wangfuling street  Wangfuling street  Pharmacy at Wangfuling street  Wangfuling street  Food stalls with all types of food  Deep fried banana  Seahorses anyone?  How about some silk worm cocoons?  Here you can get it all...  I settled for stir fry chicken in pancake. Yummy!  Squid skewers  JYX Meridian on stils are usually therapy. WTF?  Subway at Tiananmen  Tiananmen Square  Mao or me?  Expensive tea tasting  Refurbished hutong area  Refurbished hutong area  Wiggly jiggly's!  Olympic park in the smog and fog  Olympic park  Swimming cube  IBM dragon building complex  The Cube  The Bird's nest
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