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Diving in Khor Fakkan
Went diving with Linda and Rene on the East Coast in the end of July

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 I'm relaxed and happy before the dirst dive  Linda forgot her sea sick pills and is a bit worried  Lot's of people. Never go diving on a Friday!  Boat action  My orange fins are very visible under water  Me looking for life at first dive site, Ras Qidfah  Linda in action  Linda and I  Thorns Starfish  Some fish and soft corals  Nice reddish hard corals, and a Long-fin bannerfish  Nice shoal of small fish  A lonesome cornetfish  Hawksbill turtle resting on the bottom  Always nice to see a turtle, especially this close!  Quite a big Spot-fin porcupinefish  The same porcupinefish  Spot-fin porcupinefish can grow up to 90 cm, this one was about 50 cm  Tired after the first dive  Nice scenery on the east coast  Linda happy despite being sea sick!  Rene also happy  Oceanic beach hotel, with the Divers Down dive center  Another diving boat  Nice corals at Martini Rock, the second dive site  Great shoals of fish  Lots of fish around Martini Rock  Blue soft corals  Different types of soft coral  Purple and yellow soft corals  Soft corals and an Undulated moray eel, for once outside its small cave  Big shoal of big-eye snappers  Nice sea star like thingy  Linda and I in action by Martini Rock  A lone Clark's Anemonefish, for once far from its anemone nest  Red-toothed triggerfish.  Red lionfish, we saw lots of them!  Undulated moray eel and nice red corals  Closer pic of the moray  Close up on me in relaxed swimming position!
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