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2008_08_30 - Time Place
Pics from our new flat in Dubai

 The small toilet, aka guest toilet!  Linda's office in the small bedoom, with an extra sofa bed.  The bathroom, accessible only from the master bedroom  Livingroom - dining table  Living room - only the TV and a mat missing  Kitchen, seen from the entrance from the hall. Sink is to the right, bar to living room to the left  Linda's office, seen from the window/balcony  Entrance hall seen from living room. Kitchen to the left, wardrobes to the right.  Living room seen from balcony door, kitchen bar in the back, entrance hall in the back right  Our building with our street  Master bedroom  Master bedroom  Master bedroom.  Kitchen seen from bar desk  Kitchen - bar with living room behind  Living room seen from kitchen bar  Bedrooms seen from living room - small toilet to the left, small bedroom/office to the right, master bedroom and bathroom straight!  Utility/laundry room. Bedrooms on the right, entrance hall if turning to the left