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2008_10_31 - Liwa Desert Trip
Desert overnight trip with the Borealis colleagues

 Preparing at Liwa hotel  All the Prados in a long row...  35 cars!  Heading to the dunes  Photo opportunity  Planning the route  Mattias and Olof  Finding the camping spot  90 persons enjoying the sunset  Relaxing  Setting up the tents  Relaxing  Half the camp  Sunset  Sunset  Energetic people climbing the dunes  Camp in sunset  Dune close up  High dunes  Morning sunrise 6 a.m.  Nice dunes  Steep slope!  Camp from above  Sunrise  Amazing shapes  My footprint  Our tent to the right  Driving tour started  Plains before the hills start  Bernard and Hilde  Sara  Cars coming on the Sabkha (salt areas)  Guide in LandCruiser  Tricky point  Yes, we are going doooown  Quite a hill  About 50 m drop, important to keep the car straight  Steep as well  Blue, sand and white  Not the best place to stop